Un Retiro para Enamorarse

A mysterious place, older than time itself, appears every few years in different parts of the world, this place selects a group of individuals of multiple nationalities who need to change their lives and find their road. In Lima, Lucia's problems with love are unbearable. She discovers that her fiancé is unfaithful to her with her sister, thus canceling their relationship. Fifth consecutive wedding. More lost and alone than ever, Lucia receives a proposal that changes her world. In Madrid, Marco cannot control himself; he would sell his mother in exchange for intimate relations with a new conquest. Unable to commit and with a great need to always look for new adventures, his faithful confidant tries to show him that this path will only destroy everything around him. He tells him about a strange house in the mountains. In an unknown place, the fearful Ferantón, a man who speaks a strange language, needs to release his impulses and break with his great secret. In Barcelona, ​​Carla and Mónica, a teenage couple, seek a solution to the rejection they receive from Mónica's family. In Miami, Coco and Graciela, an exiled Cuban couple, have been in love for sixty years, struggling against the difficulties of life. All of them will find the answer they are looking for in the Esperanto retreat house to guide their lives.
GENRE: Comedy-Romance
DIRECTOR: Jesus Alvarez Betancourt
STARRING: Juan Carlos Torres - Andrea Luna
CAST: Juan Carlos Torres, Andrea Luna , Marcos García - Tizón, Alicia Mercado, Gaizka Pasalodos, Alexandra Barandiarán, Alejandra Bejár, Merly Morello , Mónica Torres and Pedro Ibáñez